Wednesday, June 3

"least popular attractions"
"the Statue of Puberty!"
"..and on my left is Viagara Falls"
"...I said least popular attractions"

AHAHAHA! can't help but LOL as i overhear my brother watching reruns of Who's Line is it Anyway? on youtube. today was full of those moments, mhmm:)

apparently me getting mad at my little brother this morning was a hilarious story to tell. it wasn't supposed to be thank you very much!! mostly my fault, i'm not very good at telling stories; i sound like an idiot. hahahaha. i still love you little brother of course=)

"i'm dressed more like a boy than you are today, Mark" mind you i was all scrubs today with my basketball shorts and big T. i question that boy sometimes. *NOT IMPLYING ANYTHING** aha, only something we'd understand=) LOVE YOU!! :)

D block spare, choir (we're still singing?..), prepared for the sort of surprise at break.. teehee.. btw it was decided that we would be skipping C block religion since all grade 12's had rel at the same time (smart choice!), lit review class. lunch was chiiiiiiill. went off campus and took a little walk down Main:) Starbucks for Zen, 7-11 for slurpess for Moonds and her sister.. another beautiful day! walked back and then the surprise...

(Christina) DUN DUN DUN . . .

grad run!!!!!!!!

for those of you unknown of this supposedly un-derivative idea: grad run is when all the graduates skip class all together to simply run across campus while school is still in session. this may involve hollering, screaming, oodles of silly string, blow horns, (in my case) injuries:(, cars, loud music, horns honking, grade 8's getting scared (HAHA), and so on...

i'll be honest and say i was kj at first. i didn't want to do it: "it's so lame you guys!" but the LG in me unleashed itself once Moonds whipped out her 10 cans of silly string & 4 mini blow horns to split between the 4 of us:D:D:D:D so unexpected of her!! met up in the caf. shoot, it was already getting crazy, so much noise everywhere! hella ruined the surprise, haha. & not everyone was in class yet! but oh well, we were all pretty hyped! and a lot of people already knew which wasn't supposed to happen but ngehh.. since we were getting super loud we brought it down to the parking lot. once everyone was out we raaaann that shit like no tomorrow yo! with jonathan, daniel, and sean [and me tagging right behind(a)] leading the pack. daym.. soooo fun yo! since this is tradition, a lot of the teachers immediately shut their doors right when they see us bombarding the place, but some stupid grade 8 decides to open one so i shot him right in the face with my silly string:) apparently jade got locked out cus Mr. Guardano wouldn't let her in.. then Geeni shot her with her watergun and yelled "Bow down to Grad'09" HAHAHAHAHA! ooooly you Gen=) shot a couple more grade 8's, blew the horn right at people's faces, and was actually tired after the first run, LOL. met up in front of the caf. had a couple chants of "GRAD '09 (wuh?) GRAD '09 (wuh?)", water fight commenced, pictures were taken, videos were recorded, props were given all before taking a second shot at it.

second time around though, i scraped my arm preeetty bad:( i slipped as i turned the corner ..while running... & caught myself on the brick wall of the main building ..while running... & literally grazed my arm on the wall ..while still running. forgot that i was still techniqually leaning on the wall. haha! how st00ps am i(H) couldn't help it! was having so much fun! met up at the caf again and continued the water fight, more hollering, more pictures, more vids, more cra-aaazyness ness. ye=)

Bevacqua the principle headed over with Donnici vice principle only to dismiss us!!!!!! usually they get angry with the students since they had hoped that they'd be the one class that would start a new traidition of getting rid of the old "immature" one. 'course it always fails, aha! shiiiii, admin can never get mad at us yo, we're literally too good hahahah.

stayed behind to get my arm cleaned up then to actually clean up the place. Marino and Ferrari were actally displeased to see me in the office all cut up, haha. i'm sorry! reb for a day, my bad my bad. fun while it lasted!

they all decided to head down to the beach but i'd head down there after Jp's class. once i got home my eyes got all itchy and started swelling up again!!!!!!!!!!!! Kuya Jippee's class and Kits were off the list (u). sorry Jp:( re-encoutered with YOUTUBE and took another walk to the grocery stores near by to pick up some hot dog buns for the workshop.


i'll probably post the updated one soon.
as for now, COME Y'ALL!!
cheapest workshop ever + BBQ + party it up with Sickstyyyyylz =)

took another walk in the lovely sun=) arrived home in time for dinner and So You Think You Can Dance <3>getting addicted to Twitter... & now GOODNIGHT.

sorry for the long post again! but expect more! didn't realize how free my days will be without homework & choir. daym happy? oui oui!

enjoy the sun while its still up! it'll start raining next monday:(

Love love love, B


Lilianne said...

dear miss Abby,
don't ever change.
you have a beautiful mindset
for beyond.


jusMElissa said...

hella apt107 type shit hahaha. thanks for reading yo:)

AW SHIT i miss grad run i wish we could do that every day hahahah so fun