Tuesday, June 2

hahaha, i wasn't planning on writing so soon BUT.. i had another good day:)

(another)hot hot day at school shiiiiet.. but the morning air was nice=) spent my spare studying outside while it was still breezy and the sun wasn't at it's highest. studied for History with Checo and Ryan while Anna & Marie let us mooch off their Thai meal that Shennette and Leanne had made for them for their Foods final. zomg, best dessert ever: mango with rice in condensed milk!

but then my eyes started to get really itchy again, so i took Checo's Visine... and they itched even more!!!! HLYCRP! they bugged me so much! i kept rubbing away at them while i was righting my test 'til i finally escaped to the bathroom to go wash my face. funny thing is, it was only then did they start to get red!! and REALLY red!! my right eye looked like it had Pink Eye (though i'm positivei don't**) everybody was getting super grossed out and concerned, i can't blame them. verdict is i might have alergies?.. i slept it off during break. daym yo, that 15 min nap felt like a whole hour man, for serious.

english was fine, then grad committee, then history..

then a surprise from sheila!!! she had the need to be spontaneous and wanted to use her free movie tickets! 'Sheila you da best, Sheila you da best' daym RIGHT! Ming and I ended up being spontaneous too. oh man, Up (in 3D) is SUCH a good movie!!!! my new fav fasho! oh man, i haven't seen a movie where i can cry AND laugh 4 times as much=) eff, i starting tearing up pretty bad 15/20 minutes in? haha:$ we watched the 3:30 screening, the theater was still pretty full. i think we were the loudest ones and there were kids too, LOL! aw man, i forgot how st00ps Ming is when watching a movie hahahaha. it's always so fun with these two... (L)

but yeah, that is all! just wanted to talk about Up!! it made me so happy man. hahahaha:) moral of the story is... :O Transformers is coming out soon too! jk.. not really.. BUT WATCH UP!!:D

Love, B

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