Tuesday, June 9

My Twittascope: Cancer
If you can remain silent today, you'll come out of this tangled web looking like a real hero. You can see both sides of a problem now yet you realize that there is no straightforward solution. Pretending that you have an answer will only create disappointment; your smartest strategy is to wait it out. You may have something important to add to the discussion, but it will be even more relevant in a day or two. Tuesday, June 9, 2009

k fiiine. i usually never (ha ha, 'usually never') follow horoscopes but contrary to above just isn't my style anyway. let's give 'em props though, those trully are words of wisdom. its the context i'm after, not so much the fact that it's within the stars as some people like to call it. though i looove the stars - k anyway.. almost forgot what i absolutely live by: silence is just as important too. its within these moments of respectful admiration that reveals our own thoughts that have been off limits to sharing for some time now.

"you have really good center" something i've been fighting for. amazing amazing amazing. he got another 'nother thing going on too:

you'll do great next year; so worth the wait.

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zeniamarisol. said...


on a side note, yenno what I realized..
hes wearing the same outfit in both viideeoos!
ha ha ha...